Reducing Belly Fat with Daily Avocado Consumption: A Potential Health Benefit

According to a new study, eating an avocado each day for 12 weeks may help women redistribute their belly fat towards healthier locations. One meal was provided daily as part of a randomized controlled trial involving 105 obese and overweight participants.

Women who regularly consumed avocado saw a decrease in visceral abdominal fat.

The study’s objective wasn’t weight loss per se; rather, researchers sought to explore what impact avocado consumption has on how body fat is stored within our bodies – something which plays a pivotal role in overall health.

There are two forms of abdominal fat accumulation. Subcutaneous fat accumulates right beneath the skin while visceral fat, which has amassed deeper in the abdomen around internal organs, is harder to target. People who carry more visceral fat are at increased risk of diabetes; thus researchers set out to determine whether consumption of avocados could alter this ratio between subcutaneous to visceral fat ratio.

Individuals were divided into two groups; one received meals featuring avocados while the other received one that contained similar calories and ingredients but lacked avocado.

At the beginning and end of this study duration of 12 weeks, glucose tolerance and abdominal fat measurements were taken. Glucose tolerance serves as an indicator of metabolism as well as being an early sign of diabetes.

Females consuming an avocado every day with their meals saw a significant reduction in visceral abdominal fat as well as decreased visceral to subcutaneous fat ratio, signalling that fat had been redistributed away from organs. Males however didn’t experience the same changes, nor did glucose tolerance improve significantly between genders.

Although regular avocado consumption did not alter glucose tolerance, including it in your daily diet can positively impact how body fat is stored – providing significant health benefits.