Discover 5 Tea Varieties That Aid Weight Loss Efforts

1. Consuming green tea may aid weight loss In an analysis of 26 studies, researchers discovered that those taking green tea supplementation experienced significant reductions in BMI and body weight, without experiencing any change to waist circumference as a result of consumption.

Analysis involving 1,344 participants concluded that BMI and body weight significantly changed after regular consumption of less than 800 mg daily of green tea for more than 12 weeks.

One study demonstrated that people who consumed two cups of green tea every day for over 10 years experienced lower body fat percentage and smaller waist circumference compared to individuals not regularly drinking green tea.

Studies on mice demonstrated that green tea supplemented diets could significantly decrease obesity as well as numerous inflammatory biomarkers associated with poor health, according to a research team from Boston.

The benefits seen in the study appear to stem from increased gut health, such as more beneficial microbes in their intestines and reduced leaks in their intestinal walls – a phenomenon more commonly referred to as “leaky gut syndrome” among humans.

This study provides evidence that green tea helps promote good gut bacteria growth, leading to significant health benefits that reduce obesity risk significantly. Previous research has linked negative changes in gut microbiome composition with obesity risk; green tea was discovered as one way of encouraging beneficial bacteria.

Half of the mice received a high-fat diet designed to induce obesity while half received regular diet for eight weeks, each group receiving half an extract of green tea mixed into their food. Mice given green tea- supplemented high-fat diet gained approximately 20% less weight compared to mice given similar diet without green tea supplementation.

Green tea consumption in this study would be equivalent to approximately 10 cups daily for an individual, which may seem excessive but isn’t uncommon in certain parts of the world.