Validated Health Advantages of CBD: Unraveling the Three Proven Benefits

CBD Could Ease Pain
Chronic pain is one of the primary drivers behind people turning to medical cannabis – that term refers to physician-recommended use of cannabis and its components (known as cannabinoids ) in order to treat or manage symptoms related to disease or disorder.

Studies investigating medical cannabis’ effectiveness at treating chronic pain have provided evidence that CBD has analgesic activity, particularly for treating neuropathic discomfort.

An empirical evaluation was performed over four weeks to test the efficacy of topical CBD oil for managing neuropathy pain, in a randomized, placebo-controlled study.

Participating individuals included 29 with symptoms of peripheral neuropathy; 15 individuals were allocated to CBD treatment group while 14 individuals took part in placebo group. Peripheral neuropathy refers to any condition affecting nerves outside the brain or spinal cord, such as diabetes causing peripheral neuropathy.

Study participants included 62.1 percent males and 37.9 percent females with an average age of 68 years. Treatment with topical CBD demonstrated significant relief for sharp or intense pain.

Topical CBD treatment was well tolerated and may offer more efficient relief than current peripheral neuropathy treatments.

CBD could help improve sleepqualitat A study has demonstrated how CBD can assist in improving quality of restful slumber. There were 25 participants ranging from 36 years old and up who all suffered from poor slumber quality.

Sleep quality of participants was evaluated when their CBD treatment started and after one, two, and three months of treatment.

They all received capsules containing daily doses of 25mg CBD. Of those receiving treatment within one month, 66.7% reported increased sleep quality.

Poor sleep can often be linked to chronic pain. After reviewing 11 studies involving 1219 individuals suffering from neuropathic pain, CBD proved beneficial in improving their quality of restful slumber.

Studies have demonstrated that CBD may help enhance sexual pleasure. Studies have revealed that the female sexual endocannabinoid system plays an essential role in female sexual function and concentrations of endocannabinoids have an association between increased female sexual arousal and higher concentrations of endocannabinoids.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which contains receptors located throughout the body. By helping reduce stress and improving mood, CBD can make sexual intimacy more pleasurable when these receptors become activated.

Stress can impede successful sexual encounters. According to studies, taking CBD orally may help lower cortisol, the stress hormone.

CBD can also help elevate your mood and ease any anxiety you might be feeling in the bedroom, making you less inhibited and more confident than before.

CBD-infused gels and oils also act as lubricants.