Exploring Top Antioxidants for Optimal Eye Health

Eye health in today’s technological society has become an increasing priority. We are exposed to high energy blue light emitted by digital screens while working on computers or browsing social media; Dr. Marc Grossman, author of Natural Eye Care: Your Guide to Healthy Vision and Healing recently noted this fact when writing: “As an integrative medical optometrist of over 40 years I believe our visual system is under constant strain from using digital devices for over 11 hours per day on average.”

Constant eye irritation can result in headaches, eye fatigue, dryness, strain, and accelerate signs of aging. Therefore, it’s essential that we receive adequate nutrition and antioxidants that promote total eye health in all parts.

What nutrients should be consumed for optimal eye health?

Front of the Eye: Maqui berries have become known as an antioxidant powerhouse. Maqui berries have proven themselves superior at restoring tear fluid production while soothing dry eye symptoms like soreness, redness and fatigue.

Middle of the Eye: Tomato Extract contains lycopene which assists with transport of lutein. Furthermore, tomato Extract acts as a protective antioxidant to preserve levels of lutein and zeaxanthin that form as they support retinal function and macula growth.

Back of the Eye: Lutein and Zeaxanthin are bioavailable antioxidants found naturally in marigold flowers that work together to filter high energy UV and blue light, protecting both retinal cells and macula in the back of the eye from damage caused by exposure. Our bodies naturally deposit these antioxidants back in our eyes creating macular pigment to filter blue light away from reaching retina, as well as supporting eye function as we age. Rosemary Extract also contains significant levels of antioxidants for eye cell culture maintenance, repair, aging and repair purposes.

There are a range of foundational nutrients that can support eye health. Vitamin A helps maintain immune function and is essential in the formation of rhodopsin, a light-sensitive protein in your cornea. Vitamin C plays an essential role in connective tissue formation including collagen that forms your cornea. Vitamin E acts as a free radical scavenger which keeps tear ducts working to minimize eye dryness while the retina and brain contain more DHA Omega-3 fatty acids than anywhere else on your body, providing essential lubricating oil that improves quality lubricating oil that ensures better lubricating oil is produced within tears that reduce eye dryness by improving quality lubricating oil contained within tears.

Dr. Marc Grossman suggests Lightbody supplements, designed specifically to support modern technological lifestyles and packed with an abundance of antioxidants that is sure to nourish all aspects of our eyes, is one solution. These nutritional offerings contain numerous key antioxidants listed above.

“Lightbody Total Eye Health Supplement should be part of everyone’s plan for living well in today’s technological environment.” -Dr. Marc Grossman