RF and HIFEM Treatment Proven Effective in Reducing Belly Fat and Increasing Muscle Mass

According to research, radiofrequency heating combined with high intensity focused electromagnetic energy provides a noninvasive method for abdominal body shaping that simultaneously decreases belly fat while increasing abdominal muscle mass without surgery.

The results of a randomized trial using radiofrequency heating and high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy combination procedure show an effective reduction of abdominal fat with accompanying increases in abdominal muscle thickness. These effects are significantly greater compared to just radiofrequency heating or high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy alone and continue to show results even six months post treatment.

Nonsurgical approaches for body contouring have grown increasingly popular, particularly radiofrequency heating and high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy. Radiofrequency energy can help increase fat tissue temperature, leading to damage of fat cells due to heat.

Supramaximal muscle contractions are activated with high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy, leading to muscle growth and strengthening. Radiofrequency heating energy works best in terms of decreasing abdominal fat while high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy works towards increasing muscle mass.

This technology combined both methods, combining radiofrequency heating with high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy. This device received FDA clearance to facilitate noninvasive abdominal fat breakdown.

Researchers conducted a randomized trial to assess the effects of combined electromagnetic energy and radiofrequency heating procedures. 72 individuals aged 45 or above participated in this research study and were randomly allocated either radiofrequency heating plus high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy or an inactive “sham” procedure.

Follow-up visits were conducted at 1, 3, and 6 months, including ultrasound scans to measure abdominal fat and muscle thickness changes.

At one month mark, participants who received radiofrequency heating combined with high intensity focused electromagnetic energy experienced an average reduction in abdominal fat of 20.5% with an increase of 21.5% in muscle thickness. Three month assessments demonstrated further progress with reductions of 28.3% in fat accumulation and 24.2% increases in muscle thickness.

By comparison, those receiving sham treatment saw no changes to muscle thickness or abdominal fat levels. Six-month evaluation in individuals receiving radiofrequency heating plus high intensity focused electromagnetic energy demonstrated only minor non-significant declines in treatment effectiveness.

94% of participants in the radiofrequency heating with high intensity focused electromagnetic energy group reported satisfaction with their treatment results versus 40% who received sham therapy; side effects were mild such as abdominal muscle soreness and temporary reddening of skin; no major complications resulted from these therapies.