Do Potatoes Contribute to Weight Gain?

Potatoes are often seen as one food group to avoid in order to maintain a healthy weight, however studies have indicated there’s no relationship between eating potatoes and obesity risk.

Studies have also demonstrated that individuals can include potatoes in their daily diet while still losing weight. Overweight individuals were studied over 12 weeks to see how adding potatoes to a low-calorie diet affected weight loss.

Randomly assigned to three groups, with one receiving 5-7 weekly servings of potatoes as part of its diet plan, the 86 participants were found not to gain weight at all; all three groups shed pounds.

Potatoes’ soluble fiber contributes to weight loss by providing an extended sense of fullness, and their resistant starch occupies space in our digestive tract, slowing digestion down while keeping us feeling satisfied for longer.

One study showed that obese women lost weight and kept it off by eating low-energy-dense foods, such as potatoes. According to its results, low-energy-dense foods helped individuals participating in the study remain satisfied throughout the day without needing to consume high-energy-dense snacks2.
What Are the Calories in a Potato? Baked potatoes without toppings contain just 93 Calories/100g, making it an exceptionally low-calorie food option. Plus, not every calorie from resistant starch in potatoes is easily digested – providing further benefits!

Potatoes themselves don’t cause weight gain; rather, their preparation plays a key role. Calorie content will depend on how they’re cooked.

How many calories are in potato chips? There are 545 per 100 grams. Hash browns contain 326 per 100 grams. French Fries contain 312 per 100 grams while roast potatoes have only 149 per 100 grams.
Are You Wondering How Many Calories Are in a Baked or Boiled Potato? There Are 93 and 87 Calories Per 100 Grams
Potato Nutrition Facts:
The potato is an excellent source of many essential vitamins and nutrients, including B6 and C as well as niacin, pantothenic acid, potassium and dietary fiber. Furthermore, its protein contains an essential amino acid known as lysine that’s typically lacking in grains.

Nutritional Value of Potatoes
There are 17g/100 grams in carbohydrates; there is 0.1g of fat; protein contains 2 grams/100 grams, and there are 77 calories/100 grams from potatoes.