Discover the 5 Well-Established Health Benefits of Spinach

1. Spinach May Help Aid Weight Loss
A recent study has found that eating spinach extract containing green leaf membranes known as thylakoids significantly decreases hedonic hunger by 95% while increasing weight loss by 43%.

Hedonic hunger occurs when cravings for unhealthy food such as fast food or sweets arise and is one of the primary contributors to unhealthy eating habits and obesity.

Study findings demonstrate that taking thylakoids helps increase satiety hormone production and diminish hedonic hunger, leading to improved appetite control and greater weight loss.

A three-month study included 38 overweight women who consumed a green drink every morning before breakfast – half received 5 grams of an extract of spinach while another control group received placebos.

Both groups were instructed to adhere to a balanced diet consisting of three daily meals and stay on their prescribed regimen.

The control group experienced average weight loss of 3.5 kilograms while those taking Thylakoid experienced average weight loss of 5 kilograms without experiencing cravings or other issues.

The primary factor at play here is the distinction between fullness and hedonic hunger suppression versus homeostatic hunger that’s responsible for basic energy needs. Non-nutritious processed food digests so quickly that its intestinal hormones releasing signals to suppress cravings simply cannot keep pace.

Green leaves’ membranes help slow digestion, giving our intestinal hormones time to release their message of satisfaction to the brain.